Since the Olympics Games in Mexico in 1968, many athletes have enjoyed the benefits of altitude to reach the targets set in their physical training program.

Tignes, where the CISM is based at 2100 meters of altitude in an exceptional environment that offers excellent opportunities for training.

Programming altitude training can be viewed from two different angles :

  • Looking for a natural physical increase of capacity by the very fact of hypoxia due to altitude (lack of oxygen).
  • Change of environment, for a stay of recovery or break in the annual programming schedule.

To be effective, training in altitude must not be improvised and must be included in a logical program by following important steps.

L’équipe du CISM possède une parfaite connaissance de la région, de ses équipements et de ses sites naturels, elle vous accompagnera dans la mise en œuvre des séances et stages que vous comptez programmer, que vous soyez athlètes ou entraineurs.

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