Terms and Conditions of service of teaching and coaching sports activities offered by the instructors and coaches of the International Centre for Mountain Sports.

CISM: Centre international des sports de Montagne. Chalet Mountain Iceberg, District Crouze, 73320 TIGNES Tel: 0434220903

Registration for the services provided by the instructors and coaches CISM constitutes acceptance of the general conditions of sale.


1 Features: All instructors and coaches are graduates of CISM State diploma, and their teaching methods are recognized on a national and international level.

Registration for a course offered by the CISM requires appropriate technical level in the sport concerned. The student is the only one responsible for determining his level training.

At the beginning of the training course, CISM inform the student of its actual level and its ability to achieve the training objectives. In case of inadequate physical and technical level, the program may interrupt the CISM training the trainee. This decision will be final and will be followed by a prorated refund of non-training days completed.

Given the specific environment characterized by random conditions in which the activities take place CISM, students must personally ensure their safety.

During a training the student is the only one responsible for the equipment and must follow the instructions. Any behavior not respecting the instructions, especially with regard to security may result in the exclusion.


2 Registration and Regulation:

     2.1 Training:

Registration is confirmed upon payment of deposit online .

The customer will receive an automatic email confirming payment and registration.

Full payment of the course is required on the first day of the course. Online payment (Credit Card), by check, bank transfer or in cash.


    2.2 for private coaching and training in altitude:

After receiving the request for information sent by the athlete, CISM address this last quote and a contract that specifies the respective commitments of CISM and the athlete, especially in terms of payments (schedule regulations)

In all cases, 30% of the total delivery CISM must be paid before the first day of class.


3 Withdrawal:

When registering via Internet, any customer CISM has a right of withdrawal for seven days in accordance with the law.


4 Cancellation:

4.1 of the client:

Before the course: any cancellation for any reason, in any case will assume any reimbursement of the deposit paid upon registration.

On probation: in somecase and upon presentation of a medical certificate, CISM reimburse the customer by number of days not made outside deposit.


4.2 of CISM is:

CISM reserves the right to cancel a course if the number of trainees is less than 5. He must inform students five days before the course begins. In such a case, the CISM full refund of their deposit trainees.

In case of complicated conditions , including weather and safety, CISM reserves the right to discontinue the course. CISM reimburse the customer by number of days not completed.


5 Insurance:

CISM coaches have purchased professional liability insurance

Students have to to take out insurance Accident / Liability which covers sporting activities in the mountains.


6 Issue:

In case of disagreement, all disputes shall be governed exclusively by the rules of French law.

The parties agree to submit exclusively to the commercial court of Albertville any dispute or difference that may arise between them concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of this contract.