Performance Department

With its "Performance Department", CISM provides an appropriate response to athletes looking for a professional structure that allows them to reach the highest level in their sport.

Qualified coaching : CISM coaches training and experience give them an excellent knowledge of performance factors and means to achieve it. They were selected for their expertise in CISM sport concerned, but also for their human qualities and their ability to implement collective action, a work team, for the benefit of each athlete ... because we are convinced that success at the highest level is reach through the addition of skills.

Means for driving performance :

Haute Tarentaise and Tignes in particular are known worldwide for their quality sports facilities and the natural environment particularly adapted to the preparation of high level athletes.

Permanently installed at the heart of this unique site dedicated to mountain sports, CISM has the best tool imaginable to drive athletes to their goals. Depending on the climatic conditions, the coaches will not hesitate to move elsewhere for more optimal conditions of preparation.

In order to adapt to the requirements of high-level, Performance Department of CISM offers personalized packages for athletes wishing to enjoy these services.

The CISM will try to answer to every demand, striving to make the best personalized answer.

For any supervision by the CISM, here is the protocol that is proposed after receiving the contact form:

  • - Meet the Athlete concerned and his close family environment
  • - Analysis of the sporting past and motivations
  • - Evaluation of sports skills, mainly in technical and physical tests
  • - Definition of objectives
  • - Proposal for a training program adapted to the needs of the athlete and define the budget associated with this program



Personal coaching

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