The Training Department of the CISM is designed to prepare the best the candidates to different examinations giving them access to teaching professions in mountain sports.

With a long experience in the field of training, the CISM team will do everything possible to prepare yourself physically and technically to various sporting tests and technical examinations which will mark your training curriculum. During each of your courses CISM team will accompany you in your progress and will aim you to acquire the skills required to reach your goals. Our coaches will guide you with patience and enthusiasm. They will share with you their knowledge of the profession you aim and their expertise of the mountain environment and tourism.

CISM will help you to prepare in the best conditions, with appropriate human and material resources, the BPJEPS and DEJEPS exams (formerly BEES). For each goal and for each stage of training, CISM will create a schedule of specific courses adapted to the level of each candidate.

Foreign language courses related to your goal, first aid and Core Curriculum (French Tronc Commun) exams can also be programmed.

Unlike most of the structures involved in the training, CISM offers to each candidate the opportunity to receive a personalized training related to the aimed diploma.